Coach CJ has been training my son for the past year. He continues to push him to the maximum, while also encouraging and strengthening his physical and mental game. I'd highly recommend him as a trainer!

Danielle Brown

Coach CJ was excellent and kept my son interested in working hard and having fun throughout the entire session. He has a wide range of a variety of drills and many techniques that are used in pro ball training. His attentiveness and focus on the individual player is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Susan Tepper

I would highly recommend CJ, his attention to detail and fundamentals is spot on. He will push your child to accomplish whichever goal they are trying to achieve. He is a technique driven teacher with attention to detail in everything he will teach your child. You will see results and confidence in your child as they continue.

Joe Serra

CJ is a terrific coach. He has only worked with my 12 year old son twice so far, and already I can see a difference in his confidence and in his play. Coach CJ has put a plan in place that makes my son responsible for his progress while guiding him to reach his potential. My son said it best..."Coach CJ makes me work hard but I know he's going to make me a better player".

Chris Cuthbert

CJ did a great job with our boys (ages 10 and 13) for their first private session. He made it fun for them. They were a little nervous at first, and he made sure they felt comfortable and had fun so they wanted to come back for more. Looking forward to getting them some more sessions throughout the winter.

Michael Vaughn

Such a great coach - CJ is so dedicated to his students. My son absolutely loved CJ. He learned so much about the game and gained a lot of confidence from working with CJ. Very, very highly recommend.

Kristin Schinella