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C.J. works to ensure that each individual’s workout is harder than the game

The Nation with Ganon Baker

CJ Scott has teamed up with Ganon Baker by joining The Nation!  The Nation is an elite group of Skill Development Coaches across the globe that work together to improve each other's businesses and in turn those they are helping to develop.

As a part of The Nation, Coach Scott has access a premium online training app to help his players get better anytime and anywhere.  You can learn more about it here:


CJ did a great job with our boys (ages 10 and 13) for their first private session. He made it fun for them. They were a little nervous at first, and he made sure they felt comfortable and had fun so they wanted to come back for more. Looking forward to getting them some more sessions throughout the winter.

Michael Vaughn

Such a great coach - CJ is so dedicated to his students. My son absolutely loved CJ. He learned so much about the game and gained a lot of confidence from working with CJ. Very, very highly recommend.

Kristin Schinella

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